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Research & Development

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Our clients are innovative, and so are we. Innovation in any industry usually includes laboratory testing of chemicals. Whether it is to test treatment solution strength to allow for accurate calculation of uptake, or to determine exactly how much has penetrated the timber after treatment, we can help.

Our equipment, expertise and knowledge of the industry can help you with your development work and research.


Method Development

Often when developing a new treatment, it is important to test it to determine exactly what is in the sample. IVS Labs is a specialised timber testing laboratory focussing on both high throughput routine testing, as well as, working with clients on their individual non-routine needs.

While most laboratories have a requirement for large batch numbers or contracted on-going testing, this is not necessarily the case here. We develop our methods based on client need and sometimes the future need is smaller batch sizes, or infrequent testing.

If there is a requirement for an analytical method to become Accredited, we will discuss this on a case-by-case basis. We need to balance the cost of the accreditation process and frequency of testing, to ensure cost-effectiveness for both the laboratory and the client.

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