Quality Assurance Programmes

Quality Assurance Programmes

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An independent Quality Assurance Programme for preservative treated timber. Quality assured for durability and safety.

IVS is an accredited inspection body providing credible and robust quality assurance programmes and verification services to the forestry industry. We have a specialist team of forestry auditors who understand wood processing, to give you technical support and advice when you need it.

IVS Labs specialises in timber testing for all preservative testing requirements. QA programmes and Preservative testing can be bundled to meet your requirements.

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Contact our team

To discuss your requirements in more detail and for further technical information, please get in touch:

Paul NorrisForestry Manager
0800 021 169 | paul.norris@ivs.co.nz

Christina Pegler - Technical Manager
021 230 5428 | christina.pegler@ivs.co.nz

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To discuss your requirements regarding our testing services in more detail, please contact us on 0800 021 169 or info@ivs.co.nz