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Timber Testing - New Zealand

The IVS Timber Preservation Testing Service has been developed to provide accurate and rapid test results for timber treatment providers. IVS is accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017 International Standard providing a high quality service.

We recognise that prompt turnaround of tested timber samples, combined with accurate reporting are critical requirements for timber preservation treatment providers.

We deliver - For you

  1. An Independent Testing Programme - to provide accurate timber treatment analysis. We are accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 : 2017 International Standard and endeavour to follow procedures standardised in AS/NZS1605 where possible.
  2. Fast Turnaround - a three to five day return on testing results will minimise disruption to your process supply chain, enabling the treatment plant operator to identify and address issues quickly.
  3. Accuracy - IVS participates in an industry recognised Interlaboratory Comparison Programme. The outcome of this provides assurances that our testing is accurate.
  4. Precision - through repeat testing of a quality control (QC) sample and reviewing the variability, we can determine the uncertainty of measurement (UOM) associated with our results. This information is available on request.
  5. Better Reporting - IVS reports will provide you with clear, quantitative data showing the retention and penetration achieved for each sample checked. The analysis report provides a summary of results including:
  • Mass / Mass result for active chemicals analysed (% or g/100g)
  • Preservative penetration
  • Compliance statement
Jeanette Drysdale
Wood Protection Consultant
Their combined commitment to a fast turnaround time of accurate analytical results provides timber treatment companies not only an independent verification of their quality systems; but also the ability to fine tune their preservative treatment operations. This saves time, money, minimises wastage, without compromising on the quality and durability of their timber. 

IVS Labs Timber Portal

For regular treatment plants who follow an In-House Quality Assurance Programme, IVS Labs provides a secure online Timber Portal for registration of samples requiring testing. The IVS Labs Timber Portal is designed to allow users to keep track of where their samples are at in the testing process. It lets users know when the samples are received, when they were sent for testing and when they are reported.

Our automated email system lets users know when the Compliance Report is available for viewing. A unique feature of the IVS Timber Portal is the upload of documents; for every job registered and reported using our portal, users will be able to view the heartwood/sapwood photos, the penetration photos, the laboratory analytical report and the Compliance Report at any time.

Click here to access the IVS Timber Portal

How to log your timber samples online

A short video below shows how easy it is to use our Portal for your Quality Assurance Programmes and to keep up to date with your testing.

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